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Make The World Your Dance Stage

It’s a party in your pocket!

Would you DANCE with a man in a chicken suit, wild models, a fireman or a robot? WHAT? YES!
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How Groove Game Works

Groove Game Party

Hit The Beats

A series of colorful beats cross the screen for you and your avatar to hit. If you hit the right beats, then your avatar will become AWESOME and earn energy points and coin rewards, while cruising along your chosen dance floor. But, if you hit too many wrong beats or go entirely offbeat, then your avatar will become LAME and lose points.

Silver Curve Records

Original Beats

Silver Curves Music, Silver Curve Games, and Silver Curve Records conglomerate is a multi-faceted entertainment video gaming group based in New York, NY. Over 30 video game artists, designers, programmers from around the world have collaborated to put together an augmented reality dance video game for mobile platforms and launch GROOVE GAME!

Learn the Groove Game Dances!

Alone Tongight

Fry & Sizzle

I Got You

She Said

Meet the Dancers